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Co-Director 2023

DD Schlehofer

Deirdre Schlehofer is an Associate Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) at the National Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York (USA).  Her research interests are language learning, qualitative methods, and deaf women’s health at the global level. When she’s not working, she enjoys cross-fitting, painting, and spending time with family and friends.


Co-Director 2023

Matt Dye

Matt Dye is a Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) at the National Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York (USA). His research interests are in the relationship between language and cognition in deaf children and adults. In his spare time he likes working out, studying martial arts, and watching football (the English kind).


IAM3 Faculty

Lina Hou

Lina Hou is an Assistant Professor in the  Department of Linguistics at UC Santa Barbara. She is trained as a sign linguist with an interdisciplinary background in child language acquisition, linguistic ethnography, and documentary linguistics.


IAM3 Faculty

Annelies Kusters

Annelies Kusters is an Associate Professor in Sign Language and Intercultural Research at Heriot-Watt University. Her research spans various countries, exploring topics such as multilingualism, multimodality, sign language media, and deaf mobilities. Additionally, she has directed ethnographic documentary films highlighting the intricacies of multilingual and multimodal communication involving deaf individuals.


IAM3 Faculty

Robert Adam

Robert Adam is Associate Professor in Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University, His research has included: language contact between two sign languages, minority sign languages, and deaf people who work as interpreters or translators in the deaf community. In his spare time he enjoys walking in the Scottish countryside, baking, and adjudicating TV game shows.

Dr. Krister Schönström.jpg

IAM3 Host Faculty

Krister Schönström

Dr. Krister Schönström is a Docent (Associate Professor/Reader) in Linguistics at Stockholm University. His recent research has focused on multimodal multilingual approaches to translanguaging and the acquisition of reading and writing skills in deaf children who use Swedish Sign Language.


IAM3 Remote Faculty

Leala Holcomb

Dr. Leala Holcomb is a researcher at the University of Tennessee investigating language and literacy development. Leala is specifically interested in exploring deaf-centered ways of teaching and learning.

Kate Rowley photo.jpeg

IAM3 Remote Faculty

Kate Rowley

Dr. Kate Rowley is the Deputy Director of the Deafness, Cognition and Language (DCAL) Research Centre, based at University College London (UCL). Kate’s research focuses on language and literacy development in deaf children and aims to explore bi/multilingualism in deaf children and adults. She has also done some work looking into language attitudes of BSL signers, using data from the BSL Corpus.

Dr. Joseph Hill.jpg

IAM3 Remote Faculty

Joseph Hill

Dr. Joseph C. Hill is an Associate Professor at RIT/NTID and Assistant Dean for Faculty Recruitment and Retention. His research interests include socio-historical and linguistic aspects of African-American varieties of American Sign Language and attitudes and ideologies about signing varieties in the American Deaf community

Dr. Ingela Holmstrom.jpeg

IAM3 Host Faculty

Ingela Holmström

Dr. Ingela Holmström is reader/associate professor in sign language and bilingualism at Stockholm University, and director of the Swedish Sign Language section as well as Deputy Head in the Department of Linguistics. Her overall research interests lie in communication and interaction between deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people in different contexts, where they make use of different linguistic resources.

Graduate Teaching Assistants

We are thrilled to invite back three IAM3 2022 students as graduate teaching assistants for the 2023 institute.

Brennan Terhune-Cotte.png

Brennan Terhune-Cotter

San Diego State University/UCSD


Nora Duggan

Stockholm University

Moa Gardenfors.jpg

Moa Gärdenfors

Stockholm University

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