Tuesday 7 June

0900 Introduction, Communication Policies, Syllabus, and Expectations (Joseph Hill, Matt Dye, Krister Schonstrom)


1000 Student Research Proposal Briefs (IAM3 Students)


1100 Mentorship Pairs: Faculty-Student and Student-Student


1200 Lunch


1400 Sociolinguistics: Contexts and Questions (Joseph Hill, Johanna Mesch)


1500 Linguistic Corpora: Developments and Issues (Joseph Hill, Johanna Mesch)


1600 Discussion


1700 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

Wednesday 8 June

0900 Sociolinguistics: Identity and Culture (Joseph Hill, Johanna  Mesch)


1000 Bimodal Bilingualism: Neurolinguistic and Literacy Studies (Karen Emmorey, Krister Schonstrom)


1100 Discussion


1200 Lunch


1400 Deaf Education in the US and Sweden (Ingela Holmstrom, Naomi Caselli)


1500 Translanguaging: An Overview (Krister Schonstrom, Ingela Holmstrom)


1600 Discussion


1700 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

Thursday 9 June

0900 Overview of Language Assessments (Ros Herman)


1000 Developing and Adapting Sign Language Assessments (Krister Schonstrom)


1100 Adaptive and Interactive Assessment of Language Ability (Lee Branum-Martin)


1200 Lunch


1400 Standardized vs. Alternative Approaches Including Dynamic Language Assessment: Promise and Pitfalls (Ros Herman)


1500 Assessment and Translanguaging: Breadth vs. Depth (Naomi Caselli)


1600 Testing for Deviance: A Case for Translanguaging (Jon Henner)


1700 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

Friday 10 June

0900 Statistics Workshop: Method Effects, Item Response Processes, Analysis (Lee Branum-Martin)


1200 Lunch


1400 Statistics Workshop: Data Visualization (Jon Henner)


1700 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

Monday 13 June

0900 Language Assessment and Human Migration: Linguistic DIversity in Sweden (Krister Schonstrom)


1000 Reliability, Validity and Justice in Language Assessment (Lee Branum-Martin)


1100 Recent Studies Using Language Assessments to Understand Reading in Deaf and Hearing Adults (Karen Emmorey)


1200 Lunch


1400 Language Assessment and Parental Report: The ASL-CDI (Naomi Caselli)


1500 Discussion: Implications of Translanguaging Theory for Language Assessment in DHH populations (Matt Dye)


1700 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

Tuesday 14 June

0900 New perspectives on the neurobiology of sign language (Karen Emmorey)


1000 Language in the brain: psychophysiology of language processing (Eva Gutierrez-Sigut)


1100 TBD (Robin Thompson)


1200 Lunch


1400 Lessons from the ups and downs of designing fMRI studies with deaf participants (Mairead MacSweeney)


1500 Using EEG to study speech processing in infants and adults (Iris Corinna-Schwarz)


1600 Event-related potentials and reading (Eva Gutierrez-Sigut)


1700 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

Wednesday 15 June

0900 A: Conducting EEG/ERP Studies (Eva Gutierrez-Sigut, Iris Corinna-Schwarz) 

or B: Conducting Eye-Tracking Studies (Robin Thompson, Matt Dye)


1200 Lunch


1400 A: Analyzing EEG/ERP Studies (Eva Gutierrez-Sigut, Iris Corinna-Schwarz) 

or B: Analyzing Eye-Tracking Studies (Robin Thompson, Matt Dye)


1700 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

Thursday 16 June

0900 Discussion: Language Processing and Translanguaging (Matt Dye)


1200 Group Picnic (Stockholm University Campus)

1400 Proposal Preparation (IAM3 Students, Faculty Mentors)

Friday 17 June

0900 Proposal Preparation


1200 Lunch


1400 Proposal Preparation

1600 Proposal Presentations

Monday 20 June

0900 Proposal Presentations


1200 Lunch

1400 Proposal Presentations