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Stockholm University1

The IAM3 Institute will take place at Stockholm University's Department of Linguistics and the Stockholm University Brain Imaging Center. Both are located on the main campus of Stockholm University -- Frescati -- characterised by beautiful nature, unique architecture and modern art. The area stretches from Frescativägen 54 in the north to Södra huset in the south, and from west to east between the “Universitetet” subway station to Frescatibackehusen.

From Stockholm city centre, walking to Frescati takes about 20 minutes. You can also take the tunnelbana (subway) red line to the Universitetet station, the Roslagsbanan commuter train, and a number of buses. Information regarding travel is provided online in Swedish Sign Language and in English with captioned videos .


The main airport that serves the Stockholm region is Arlanda. Getting to the city of Stockholm from Arlanda is straightforward and details are provided online []. A one-way bus fare to Stockholm city center is around SEK120, a taxi fare for 1-4 people is around SEK500, and the Arlanda express train is around SEK300 one-way (half that if you are under 26 years of age). 

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